maandag 10 augustus 2015

Review: You're never weird on the internet ( almost ) by Felicia Day

So I already told you that one of my favourtie actresses from Supernatural is Felicia Day. After Jensen she was the person that I was most excited for to meet on JIBcon. So when I found out that she wrote a book I didn't hesitate and pre-ordered the book! I just had to read it and to be honest I'm not a big memoire reader.

Last friday I recieved the message that the book would be delivered and time went so slow at work! I knew I needeld to finish another book first but I didn't mind. That night I finished it and the next day I promised myself I would start reading Felicia's book. And I can tell you I finished it in two days! Okay it isn't  a book with 500 pages but the weekends are mostly filled with playing with the kids.

I just couldn't put this book down, it read like a novel and it made me laugh so many times. But I also had to shed a tear a couple of times. This book is just so good, it gives you insight into Felicia's life. How she was homeschooled, how she started writing the Guild and how she became an Internet sensation.

The book is filled with funny quotes, photographs and great stories. Most of it is very funny and I can't help but feel a little sad for myself that I didn't have a friend like Felicia growing up. The book also tells a little more about the fact that she struggled with depression and the aftermath of gamergate. I didn't even know what excactly happened at that time and Felica tells it all from her perspective.

After reading the book I just wanted to book a flight to America, go to one of het booksignings and tell her how much of an inspiration she is to me. How after reading this book I realised that if I really wanted to write my own book I just had to start. I have to sit myself down and make it happen, because nobody else is going to do it for me.

I don't think she's going to read this post but if she does: Felica thank you for writing this book and sharing your story! You're a true inspiration.

So what are you waiting for, get your hands on this wonderful book and read it!

vrijdag 7 augustus 2015

Five fandom friday

This week's topic is favourtie fanfic..... Well I'm going to come clean here, I don't really read fanfic. Why not? Well beside my kids, my husband, my work, reading books and watching my favourtie shows I simply don't have time to o through all the fanfic that's written. So I'm going to do this a little diffrent this time.....

What's your favourite fanfic? Tell me and I promise I'll check it out! Who knows maybe I'll be converted and start reading fanfic a lot!

dinsdag 4 augustus 2015

Harry Potter....

If there's one thing besides Supernatural that I absolutely love it's Harry Potter. I loved the books, loved the movies and love buying this that are Harry Potter related.

I didn't love Harry Potter right away, I decided that I didn't want to join all the readers and just ignore the books. Until the owner of the bookstore I visited nearly every week told me that she was sure that I would love the book. So I decided to listen to her and buy the book. Well after I finished it I was glad that I could buy the second book right away.

And after those two books the long waiting began, waiting for the next book to come out. I would get the book as christmas present. Every christmas I locked myself in my bedroom and wouldn't come out until I read the book. I kept this up until the last book, I went to a midnight sale in our local library. I had the best night of my life! Surrounded by all those other Harry Potter lovers.

The last movie I decided to do the same thing I went to a marathon of the two last movies. So before midnight they showed the Harry Potter and the deathly hollows part 1. After a short break they showed Harry Potter and the deathly hollows part 2. I had so much fun, cheering and laughing and of course crying with all the other fans. After the movie was done I felt hollow because it was the end, there wouldn't be any more movies or  books.

So to fill that void I decided to just re-read the books on a regular basis and just last week I got my own wand. My favourite character is Luna Lovegood, I just love her! So I decided to buy her wand and I'm just so in love with it! Also as I'm a ravenclaw I decided to wear my house pride and get a necklace. So I just keep my Harry Potter love alive with these little things.

Hopefully I will travel to London next year and do the Harry Potter tour!!

vrijdag 31 juli 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Five fictional pets I'd like to adopt.

Is it friday already? I feel like it was monday just yesterday. But friday means time for a new 5 Fandom Friday!!!!
This week a top 5 of pets I'd like to adopt. I really have to think about this one:

1. Hedwig from Harry Potter, because well it's Hedwig! I don't think I need to explain myself here right?

2. Stitch, yes I know he's not a dog but I just love him! He's so cute!

3. Mushu from Mulan, let's stay with Disney for a moment. Mushu is just so cute and sassy!

4. Salem from Sabrina the teenage witch, he was one of the best characters from the show!

5. Scooby doo, well I was a scooby doo girl I loved the cartoon and he's just adorable!

So that's my top 5, what's your favourite fictional pet?

maandag 27 juli 2015

What I thought about Inside Out

So last week ( I know I'm behind on my blog updates ) I saw Inside Out. Let me first confess that I'm a huge Disney fan so if I get the chance I see every movie. We also own almost all the Disney movies on dvd, and me and my two girls love to watch the movies.

So when I saw the trailer for this movie I knew I really wanted to see it. I really liked the idea of looking into the mind of a family and just see what they think and feel. So last week I finally got the chance to see the movie.

And to be honest I was really surprised by this movie, I'm not a big Pixar fan. I like the movies but they aren't my favourites. But this one is definitly on my top 5 list for this moment. The storyline is simple but you just get why she feels certain things.

So there are 5 basic emotions in the control room: Sadness, Joy, Anger, Disgust and Fear. They all have there own way of thinking and working together they are the basic emotions of Riley.

Fear made me laugh a lot, he sees the danger in everything. If you ask him to make a list be prepared for a long list.

Anger was another funny one, they way he acts and make Riley act is just really funny.

Disgust is just a teenager, she makes a sarcastic remark about everything.

Joy, I have to say I needed to get used to Joy. I love her but she's so bubbly that I sometimes just wanted to make her stop and sit down for a moment. But she is really the light of the movie.

For me the most awesome character of the movie was Sadness, I just loved her! And let's face it she's kind of the hero of the movie. I love the fact that after everything they've been through Sadness and Happy realise that they need each other to make Riley happy.

There's a lot of humor in this movie, humor that most adults will recognize, but I do believe little children will enjoy this movie as well. They will love joy and the adventures she and Sadness experience.

So yes I really liked this movie and the end credits were so funny, with the busdriver and the cat... If you haven't seen the movie what are you waiting for? Go see it now!

vrijdag 24 juli 2015

Friday Fandom Five: Vehicles I'd love to travel in

Aah another friday again? Well time for a fandom friday it is. This week five vehicles Iwould love to travel in.

1. Baby from Supernatural, did you expect anything else from me? I don't think so haha. But I would love to drive around in that car, Dean can drive me becasue I don't have my drivers license haha.

2. The Delorian from back to the future, a little bit of time travel sounds like fun!'

3. Ecto 1 from the Ghostbusters! I would love to join them haha.I can't wait for the new movie to come out.

4. The bat mobile, I just think that's a cool car!

5. A princess carriage, well together with my two girls.

maandag 13 juli 2015

Why I can't watch the series I like on television

I love watching series, there was a time when I could binge watch a whole season but being a mom now this just doesn't work anymore. So the time I have for myself I try to read, watch series, blog and do all the other stuff I want to do. 

Besides the fact that I have less time for myself there's another thing that keeps me away from watching my favourite series: The fact that the only shows they keep airing in the Netherlands are the police shows! NCIS, CSI, The mentalist, Castle they're all the same. 

Everytime they try to introduce a new show here like Once upon a time, Sleepy Hollow, Supernatural it just doesn't get picked up. So to watch the shows I like I have to turn to the internet. We have Netflix here but as it is with a lot of things in the Netherlands they are behind on a lot of shows.

Luckily for me there are two shows I can watch on my tv. The walking dead and Game of thrones we get the new episode just a day after America. So I keep away from twitter and facebook until I've watcheed the episode. But those are the only two shows I can watch on dutch television. 

I'm always wondering why the other shows just didn't last, because I was at Dutch Comic Con this year and there are a lot of people liking the shows I like. So why do we get stuck with all those police shows? 

I do believe a lot of it is about timing, when they aired Supernatural it was on a monday at 23.30 at night. No one is going to watch that on that time! But of course they just thought you know what we'll just stop airing the show because nobody is watching. I believe that there are a lot of dutch people out there that would love to see something else than the police shows. But they just need the right kind of marketing and of course the right time to air it.  

So I watch a lot of my favorite series online, because for me it's the only way to watch them. 

vrijdag 10 juli 2015

Five Fandom Friday: Five spin-offs I would like to see get made

Friday!!! So time for another Five fandom friday, I have to say this one was really hard. I didn't know what to choose but I have an idea now so here is my top five.

1. Charlie in Oz, so in Supernatural season nine we see Charlie go on an adventure with Dorothy in Oz. What happened there? I would love to know!

2. Luna Lovegood, she's my favourite Harry Potter character and I would love to read/see more of her!

3. The story of A. Who is A, what's A doing all day long, how does he/she stalk the girls. I need to know this! So that would be a great show.

4. Black Widow, I don't care if it's going to be a movie or a tv-show this just needs to happen.

5. The men of letter, yes I know I already mentioned Supernatural but this would also be a great show. Knowing how they made the bunker and what they did, how did Henry Winchester become a men of letter, etc. I just need to know this!

So what spin-off would you like to see?

dinsdag 7 juli 2015

So let's talk about Felicia Day

One of my all time favourite characters in the later Supernatural seasons is Charlie. I just love her character and I feel like Supernatural did something right here. A nerdy girl, but not the stereotype with the really big glasses, the mostly ugly clothes and socially akward.

No Charlie is a geek girl I would love as a best friend, we could talk about Harry Potter and she could teach me to play online RPG's. Yes that sounds just wonderful.

But let's be honest here, Charlie wouldn't be as awesome as she is without Felicia Day portraying her. And after I saw her as Charlie I decided to look her op on IMDB to see what other roles she played. To my surprise I found out she also had a part in Buffy! I'm going to admit here that I still have to watch the episode she's in.

She also starred in her own webseries: The Guild. I've watched all the seasons and I just loved it! And because of the Guild I found out she has her own website, were she plays videogames with her brother and they play table top games and a lot of other amazing things.

She also has a wonderful bookclub called: Vaginal Fantasy. Every month they read two books and at the end of the month there's a live show about the main book. I joined of course I love to find new books.

And then she announced that she wrote a book! About her life and growing up. So I pre-ordered it inmediately. I can't wait to read it!

So who's your favourite geeky woman/girl?

maandag 6 juli 2015

A question for my readers

As many of you I love to read, not a day goes by without me reading. I read mostly fiction books, but now I would like to read more non-fiction books. And not just about anything, I would like to read more about other geek girl, the geek culture, fangirls, I just love to explore that.

So my question for you is what would you recommend? Which book is a must read? I've already read A fangirls guide to the galaxy. But I want to read more! So give me your recommendations, it can be an memoir or just an informative book.

I want to thank you in advance for taking the time to read this en recommend your favourite books.

vrijdag 3 juli 2015

Friday fandom five: favourite aliens

I'm not a big alien fan so I'm going to try and make it to five.

1. E.T. I have a feeling this one is in a lot of lists

2. Daemon from the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I just love him!

3. Max from Roswell, I really loved this show.

4. The docter, because let's be honest this list isn't complete without him. My favourite is the tenth

5. Stitch, I saw the movie again recently with my two girls and they both loved him.

So that's my top five, what's yours?

maandag 29 juni 2015

Review: Confidence the diary of an invisible girl by Paige Lavoi

So I heard about this book last week while I was watching one of the videos Paige Lavoi made. She talked about her book and I decided to look it up on Goodreads. After reading the synopsis I decided that I had to get my hands on this book and read it. Because a geek girl, going to conventions, yes please!

So I didn't have to wait long for the book to arrive, and I was so excited to start reading it. After a couple of pages I just new that I was going to love this book. I love Barbara she reminded me so much of myself when I was younger. Although I didn't get the geeky friends until much later. But her struggles with finding her place and being herself that I could identify with.

I really liked the way the story went, because it reads like a diary you almost feel like you're Barbara while reading the book. You see everything through her eyes. Of course there's some drama between the friends, but most of it is just a lot of misunderstanding each other.

I just flew through this book and I didn't want it to end. And then all of a sudden I was reading the last page, please tell me there is more to Barbara's story! Because I want to read more about them and their lives.

If you haven't picked up a copy of this book, what are you waiting for? Enjoy this wonderful book and it's wonderful characters!

vrijdag 26 juni 2015

Friday fandom five: fandom guilty pleasures

This is kind of hard, I don't really think fandom things are guilty pleasures but I'm going to try and make a top 5.

1. Fandom merchandise: The t-shirts, the bags, the socks just everything I can wear or take with me. But I just love it! I'm just happy to wear them and show everyone.

2. Pop Vinyl: I have three Supernatural ones: Crowley, Sam and Dean. Charlie and Cas are on their way to me. And I want them all, I recently found out they are going to sell mini versions in blind bags, I was way to excited when I read that haha.

3. I admit I've read Twilight and Fifty shades of grey and you know what I enjoyed reading them. No they aren't the best books I know but I ejoyed reading them.

4. Pretty Little Liars, this show is my ultimate Guilty pleasure, I just love it! The drama, the mystery I just need to watch it!

5. Re-watching Supernatural every year: Yes I do this, when it's hellatus I just need this! This year I'm doing it diffrent, two jars, one with all the seasons and one with episode numbers. Pick one out every jar and just enjoy the episode.

So that's my top five! What's your guilty pleasure?

donderdag 25 juni 2015

Orange is the new black season 3

*Warning this review contains spoilers*

So like a lot of people out there I was really looking forward to the new season of Orange is the new black. I counted down the days it would arrive on Netflix and promised myself that I would spend every spare minute watching the show.

Well that didn't happen, it took me about two weeks to watch the new season. Not because I didn't have time, it was because I just wasn't that hooked on the show as the first two seasons. This season did have it's moments and of course I enjoyed it, but it just wasn't that good.

I hated the way Piper developed herself in this season, she tried to become some bad ass gangster with her panties. But to me she still looked like the woman they locked up two seasons ago. The fact that she just simpley left Alex for the new girl felt all kinds of wrong. Not that I want them to end up together but they way it went was just strange.

I kind of liked the Alex story line, the fact that she found out that the person she thought followed her is just crazy was fun to watch. And the actrice playing her did an amazing job.

Crazy eyes, how I love her. The fact that at the end of the season there was someone that wanted her as girlfriend was so sweet. I loved the way they worked out that story and I hope we'll get to see more of it in the next season.

And the way Bennett just left Daya, is there anyone that accepted that? I just can't tell you how much I hated that moment in this new season.

So I still look forward to the next season, I just kind of hope that Piper gets her act together and be herself again. What did you think of the third season?

dinsdag 23 juni 2015

The fandom tattoo

So I've got a couple of tattoo, today I got my fifth tattoo and the first fandom one. I've been a fan of Supernatural for almost ten years now, walked around with the idea for a year so I decided that now was the time to get it done. So today was the big day and I got my Supernatural tattoo, the anti possesion symbol with the line: Family don't end with blood around it and yes it's spelled right.

But it also got me thinking, how many people walk around with a fandom tattoo? A storm trooper, a beautiful quote from your favorite book or maybe a tardis. I just love the idea that people decide to commit to the fandom they're in. That they decide to immortalize that part of them, I just love it!

A lot of people don't understand why we decide to get that specific tattoo, don't we know it's for life? Well I do and you know what if I'm old and my grandchildren ask me what it stands for I will always remember the wonderful fandom I belonged to. The wonderful people I met because of my tattoo or just because I'm in the fandom. It's a part of my life I never want to forget about.

So how about you? Do you have a fandom tattoo?

maandag 22 juni 2015

Loving geeky things and being a mom.

 Isn't it amazing, being a mom? I truly believe it's the best thing that happened to me and I love my kids. But combining it with loving geeky things can give you some struggles from time to time. It's not that my kids mind their mom being geeky, but other people are really easy to judge.

Do I care so much about what other people are saying? Well not anymore but there was a time I did. A time where I believed that I just had to be a mom and keep away from the things I love outside being a mom. Because let's face it you can't be a good mom and also fangirl about let's say Supernatural and Jensen Ackles. You're a grown woman and you should act like one.

Well I found out for myself that they are wrong! I love being a geeky mom, my children learn all about dragons and wizzards and yes as my husband collects skulls they see them in the living room. They are okay with it, they don't know better and I love the fact that my kids grow up knowing about these things and accepting them.

My daughters although not having seen the movie The nightmare before christmas ( they are 1 and 3 ) they know who Sally and Jack are and the last time we visited Disney they both chose a little Sally pluche as their gift. Don't get me wrong if they'd chosen a princess I was just as happy. But the fact that they don't find Sally strange just makes me happy.

If I tell other moms I'm visiting a con dedicated to Supernatural, that I spent money on getting my picture taking with them and getting their autographs, they just look at me like: aren't you to old for this? And let me tell you: No! I'm not to old for this because you know what beside the fact that I love being a mom a also love being me, being the woman I was before I was a mom!

So are there any moms out there? Did or do you struggle with the same thing? Let me know in the comments.

vrijdag 19 juni 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Characters with my favourite fictional fashion.

This is a hard one for me as I'm not a big fashion fan, but I try to make it work. So here is my top 5.

1. First of all Charlie Bradbury from Supernatural, she likes to dress in geeky clothes with geeky t-shrits. I kind of dress as her already

2. Margaery from Game of thrones, she always looks good

3. Eleanor from Eleanor & Park I love what she does with the clothes she has

4. Daenerys, I love her dresses, they wouldn't look good on me but I like them all the same

5. Cath from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, she likes her fandom t-shirts and so do I!

So I  made it to number five, I'm proud of myself. 

dinsdag 16 juni 2015

What I thought about the Game of Thrones season finale

So as a lot of you I saw the season finale of Game of Thrones and I just want to share with you what I thought about it.
First of all let me tell you I haven't read the books, I've read the first two and the rest are waiting to be read. So for me every episode is a surprise.

First of let me say that I found Ayra Stark, because wow she became a bad ass, from a little girl to a killer. I can't wait to know what's going to happen to her, is she going blind? Or is it just another trick by the many faced god? And am I the only one that's a little creeped out about all the heads?

On to Cersei, I'm going to be honest here, I did a little victory dance when they locked her up, because wow she's a b.... isn't she? She's so manipulitive she just makes my skin crawl. So I dind't feel anything at first when she had to do the walk of shame. But at some point it made me cringe, the fact that she had to walk naked just didn't feel good. Why couldn't she wear just some clothes? Although I'm still not a fan of her.

Then there was Sansa, I just hoped she could escape and I yelled a little when Reek threw what's her name from the wall and helped Sansa. I don't know if they've survived the wall, I do hope so but hopefully we'll see it at the beginning of the next season.

Brienne I just love her! She's so bad ass and loyal, she really did a great job and I hope we get to see a lot more of her the next season.

Ramsay, I thought after Joffrey there couldn't be anyone I would hate more, boy was I wrong. I just can't stand the guy everytime he shows his face I just want to slap him. So I hope they're going to kill him next season haha.

What I'm the most curious about for next season is what's going to happen to Daenerys the last we saw of her she was surrounded by a lot of men on horses. And her Dragon not so far from her, will the dragon safe her again?

One of my favourite characters is Tyrion, what's going to happen to him and is he really going to help Daenerys? I can see why he wouldn't want to go back to Westeros as he's a wanted criminal but is he really sincere you never know with him.

And poor Jon snow, did they ever intend for him to have a happy life? We'll probably never know. I'm going to be honest here I didn't see his dead coming and I was shocked by the way they did it. Just stabbed him without any emotions.

And where did Melisandre go? What is he up to now? I don't trust the little witch.

After seeing the episode I felt a little sick, I was shocked and I just screamed at my tv. No!!!! So now we're going to have to wait another year.

Have you seen the last episode? What did you think about it?

vrijdag 12 juni 2015

Five Fandom Friday: Favourtie fictional fathers

So this is my first fandom friday, I decided to join in on the fun. This week's topic is Favourite fictional fathers. There are so many farthers but here is my top 5!

1. Bobby Singer ( Supernatural ) I'm a huge Supernatural fan so this probably doesn't come as a surprise. Okay he isn't the biological father of the boys but he's the best father figure they had in their lives.

2. Mr. Weasley ( Harry Potter ) before I became addicted to watching tv. shows I read a lot of books. I still do. But Mr. Weasly is one of my favourite fictional fathers.

3. Maurice ( Beauty and the Beast ), I'm a big Disney fan, but my all time favourite is Beauty and the Beast. And what makes Maurice a great father is that he accepts Belle the way she is.

4. Ned stark ( Game of Thrones ) The only real father figure in this series if you ask me.

5. Mufasa ( The lion king ) he even gave his life for his son, so he deserves a place in my top five.

I loved doing this, I know I'll be thinkin about the next Fandom Five Friday already!

woensdag 10 juni 2015

Why this blog????

I was wondering the same thing tonight, there are so many blogs out there about geeky tings why should I start one?

I just wanted to share my adventures and what I encounter here in the Netherlands. Because being Geeky here is hard! We don't have a lot of shops to find our geeky stuff, we don't have a lot of tv series to watch on tv, I watch almost everything online and I just recently got into reading graphic novels. I haven't even read that much but I'm discovering them. My husband loves the Marvel movies but doens't read the comics. And this year we had our first Comic con in the Netherlands. It was one of the best weekends I ever had!

I'm not a young girl anymore, I'm a mom, I'm married, but it just took me some time to just embrace the fact that I love what I love.
As I told before I'm a huge Supernatural fan, years I've been silently watching the show and that was it. Since a year ( I'm serious ) I just decided to don't give a crap anymore and I bought my first Supernatural merchandise. ( Dean's Necklace for the people that want to know ). I went to my first Supernatural convention and joined a couple of groups on facebook.
So after enjoying all this in silence I decided to join in on the fun and start my own blog.

Maybe I'll find other Dutch geeks, maybe not the point is I just wanted to tell my story, tell the world that hey I'm a mom, I'm married but I still like the geeky stuff, I still like to fangirl about the latest episode of my favourite show, still like to dive into comic con for a whole weekend. And for the first time I don't feel embarrassed about it!

So that's why I started this blog and just decided it was my time to go out into the world and share my adventures.

zondag 7 juni 2015

Jus in bello day 3

So there it is, the last day of Jus in bello, it came way to fast and I just wasn't ready to say goodbye to this wonderful con and all the wonderfull guests. I wish I had more days there but it just wasn't going to happen.

So the last day is just a sad day, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun! Because we did a lot of ops on the other two days, today we only had our photo op with Rob and Richard. So this day I decided to just enjoy the panels. One of the most fun panels was with Osric, Felicia and Greyston. There were a lot of fun questions and seeing them play with all the things on stage was just fun!

Felicia was one of my favourites before this weekend, after this weekend I'm an ever bigger fan! She's just funny, geeky and so nice. But I'll write another blog post declaring my love for her on another day.

So because I decided to just get hugs from everyone I decdide to just do that for my Richard photo op. Like all the othere actors he was really nice!

The only thing that just takes forever is the break so you can eat something. Yes it's nice that they give you the time to do just that. But because there was a fire at the airport a week before Jib a lot of reastaurants were closed. So waiting for the next panel to begin took a while, but luckily it was Misha's panel and he decided to just start a litte sooner. Misha is just fun, you can ask him anything and he'll answer, sometimes seriously and sometimes he just jokes and give you a funny answer.

We only had our Rob authograph, after the hug I said to him: Now I can tell my friends that I've hugged god. And he just smiled and said: Nice. Haha he's so sweet and later that evening we went to his concert, that was amazin and I just keep listening to his music.

Before we knew it the einding was near, we had just one panel to go: Misha and Jensen. It was so much fun, Jensen flashed us so that was really nice! And Misha and Jensen danced so that was a lot of fun.
I almost cried at the end ceremony, just because I knew I was going to miss this. I won't be going next year, but hopefully the year after I get my chance again. After everyone left the panel room we stood outside in the hall and just sang Carry on wayward son and it was the best moment ever!

So I loved Jib, I want to go again it was the best experience I've ever had!

zondag 31 mei 2015

Juss in bello day 2

So the second day of Jus in bello was Jensen day for me, the day of the photo op and authograph. I was nervous all morning knowing I would be meeting my favourite Supernatural star. So we skipped the opening and went straight to the line to wait for the session to begin. I was with another fan and she was just as nervous as me. So while waiting for our turn whe talked about how nervous we were, who should go first, etc.

Then the moment was there, I was standing in front of him and shaking with nerves. I asked him if I could get a hug for the photo and he agreed. ( I'm glad he did haha ) I was shaking the whole time the picture was being taken and it was over before I knew it. I told him I was so nervous about asking him for the hug and he replied with: You did great. I'm going to be honest here, I felt like crying when he said that. He's just so nice!

After the picture we decided to go the stage room, so we could watch some pannels. I have to say I love pannels. The interaction with the actors is always so much fun to watch. When they announced that the autograph session for Jensen was open we made out way to the next que. You could see that there wasn't a lot of time to say something and I think I only said, thank you after he signed my book. ( I have a copper art book, I'll make another post about my book soon. )

Jensen's panel was so much fun, he told us about Jared and how he was doing. And he opened up to tell us that after becoming a father he learned to open up to the fans a little bit more. To really feel our hugs and the love we give him. I thought it was the sweetest thing to say! And he closed his panel with singing Sweet home Alabama, is there anything this man can't do?

The beauty of Jus in bello is that the organisation is so good that we could just hang out in the stage room the rest of the day. We just watched panels and enjoyed ourselves. I had the most fun at the Mark Sheppard and Osric Chau pannel, Mark likes to make everybody nervous including Osric. So when he started a story about Misha Collins trying to be a professional Mark shouted at him: So you're saying he's unprofessional in front of his fans? Osric started to get nervous haha. It was just so much fun to watch those two on stage.

Another highlight of this con was the fact that Robert Singer was there, you get a whole diffrent view of the show. Because here is a man that's making this show behind the scenes. I loved listening to him.

Because we had a Jared photo op and he wasn't there we switched it for a double photo op with Felicia and Osric. I just thought that this was the most fun option to switch to. So we did a Charlies angels pose, I loved it and I just love both of them. They are so nice and geeky.

At the end of the day we decided to get the autographs of Robert Singer and Rob Bennedict so we could enjoy the next day with only a photo op with Richard and Rob. They had more time at the signing table so you had more time to say something to them.

Day 2 was so much fun, with as highlight the fact that we had our photo op with Jensen of course.

Jus in bello day one

So I attended Jus in Bello this year, it was my first time and I have to admit I was a bit nervous. Last year I went to Asylum in England and although I loved meeting all the other fans and the actors I also felt like I was running around a lot without knowing where I needed to be.
So with that experience in my mind I went to JIBcon this year, but I was in for a wonderful weekend, with other fans and the cast. The first day started with a panel with Misha Collins. The panel was interrupted because first a girl fainted and after that they told us that Jared wasn’t going to be attending Jib, he was sick. Of course we were a little disappointed but it’s more important that Jared takes the rest and time he needs.
So after Misha’s panel, we had our photo op with him, I just decided I wanted to ask all the actors for a hug, so I did and my first hug at Jus in Bello was from Misha!
Ik en Misha
After the photo was taking we decided to get in line for the first autographs of this weekend, I really liked the fact that the actors were relaxed enough to talk to, they had time to answer a question and some even personalized the autograph.
We decided to go to another panel while we were waiting to get other photo ops. We also had Tamoh and Jim this day. Both were really nice and Jim gives really good hugs!
Ik en Tamoh Ik en Jim4
I had such a good time this day, I wasn’t even tired when I went back to our hotel because I just knew where I needed to go.
The fact that Daniella was crying when she told us Jared couldn’t come was so sad. I hope we all made her feel better by applauding and cheering for her. She did an amazing job just like the rest of the organizers and volunteers. Even the security just knew where you needed to go! We didn’t have to wait long for the ops and everything was just really relaxed.
I’m glad I went to Jibcon and tomorrow you’ll read more about my second day at Jib!!!

Hello Everyone!

So let me first introduce myself, I'm a dutch geek girl that loves Supernatural. I decided to start this blog to share my stories with you. The biggest part of this blog will be about Supernatural, but there will also be some other stories about series I love or events I attended. I hope you'll like my blog!