zondag 31 mei 2015

Jus in bello day one

So I attended Jus in Bello this year, it was my first time and I have to admit I was a bit nervous. Last year I went to Asylum in England and although I loved meeting all the other fans and the actors I also felt like I was running around a lot without knowing where I needed to be.
So with that experience in my mind I went to JIBcon this year, but I was in for a wonderful weekend, with other fans and the cast. The first day started with a panel with Misha Collins. The panel was interrupted because first a girl fainted and after that they told us that Jared wasn’t going to be attending Jib, he was sick. Of course we were a little disappointed but it’s more important that Jared takes the rest and time he needs.
So after Misha’s panel, we had our photo op with him, I just decided I wanted to ask all the actors for a hug, so I did and my first hug at Jus in Bello was from Misha!
Ik en Misha
After the photo was taking we decided to get in line for the first autographs of this weekend, I really liked the fact that the actors were relaxed enough to talk to, they had time to answer a question and some even personalized the autograph.
We decided to go to another panel while we were waiting to get other photo ops. We also had Tamoh and Jim this day. Both were really nice and Jim gives really good hugs!
Ik en Tamoh Ik en Jim4
I had such a good time this day, I wasn’t even tired when I went back to our hotel because I just knew where I needed to go.
The fact that Daniella was crying when she told us Jared couldn’t come was so sad. I hope we all made her feel better by applauding and cheering for her. She did an amazing job just like the rest of the organizers and volunteers. Even the security just knew where you needed to go! We didn’t have to wait long for the ops and everything was just really relaxed.
I’m glad I went to Jibcon and tomorrow you’ll read more about my second day at Jib!!!

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