zondag 31 mei 2015

Juss in bello day 2

So the second day of Jus in bello was Jensen day for me, the day of the photo op and authograph. I was nervous all morning knowing I would be meeting my favourite Supernatural star. So we skipped the opening and went straight to the line to wait for the session to begin. I was with another fan and she was just as nervous as me. So while waiting for our turn whe talked about how nervous we were, who should go first, etc.

Then the moment was there, I was standing in front of him and shaking with nerves. I asked him if I could get a hug for the photo and he agreed. ( I'm glad he did haha ) I was shaking the whole time the picture was being taken and it was over before I knew it. I told him I was so nervous about asking him for the hug and he replied with: You did great. I'm going to be honest here, I felt like crying when he said that. He's just so nice!

After the picture we decided to go the stage room, so we could watch some pannels. I have to say I love pannels. The interaction with the actors is always so much fun to watch. When they announced that the autograph session for Jensen was open we made out way to the next que. You could see that there wasn't a lot of time to say something and I think I only said, thank you after he signed my book. ( I have a copper art book, I'll make another post about my book soon. )

Jensen's panel was so much fun, he told us about Jared and how he was doing. And he opened up to tell us that after becoming a father he learned to open up to the fans a little bit more. To really feel our hugs and the love we give him. I thought it was the sweetest thing to say! And he closed his panel with singing Sweet home Alabama, is there anything this man can't do?

The beauty of Jus in bello is that the organisation is so good that we could just hang out in the stage room the rest of the day. We just watched panels and enjoyed ourselves. I had the most fun at the Mark Sheppard and Osric Chau pannel, Mark likes to make everybody nervous including Osric. So when he started a story about Misha Collins trying to be a professional Mark shouted at him: So you're saying he's unprofessional in front of his fans? Osric started to get nervous haha. It was just so much fun to watch those two on stage.

Another highlight of this con was the fact that Robert Singer was there, you get a whole diffrent view of the show. Because here is a man that's making this show behind the scenes. I loved listening to him.

Because we had a Jared photo op and he wasn't there we switched it for a double photo op with Felicia and Osric. I just thought that this was the most fun option to switch to. So we did a Charlies angels pose, I loved it and I just love both of them. They are so nice and geeky.

At the end of the day we decided to get the autographs of Robert Singer and Rob Bennedict so we could enjoy the next day with only a photo op with Richard and Rob. They had more time at the signing table so you had more time to say something to them.

Day 2 was so much fun, with as highlight the fact that we had our photo op with Jensen of course.

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