zondag 7 juni 2015

Jus in bello day 3

So there it is, the last day of Jus in bello, it came way to fast and I just wasn't ready to say goodbye to this wonderful con and all the wonderfull guests. I wish I had more days there but it just wasn't going to happen.

So the last day is just a sad day, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun! Because we did a lot of ops on the other two days, today we only had our photo op with Rob and Richard. So this day I decided to just enjoy the panels. One of the most fun panels was with Osric, Felicia and Greyston. There were a lot of fun questions and seeing them play with all the things on stage was just fun!

Felicia was one of my favourites before this weekend, after this weekend I'm an ever bigger fan! She's just funny, geeky and so nice. But I'll write another blog post declaring my love for her on another day.

So because I decided to just get hugs from everyone I decdide to just do that for my Richard photo op. Like all the othere actors he was really nice!

The only thing that just takes forever is the break so you can eat something. Yes it's nice that they give you the time to do just that. But because there was a fire at the airport a week before Jib a lot of reastaurants were closed. So waiting for the next panel to begin took a while, but luckily it was Misha's panel and he decided to just start a litte sooner. Misha is just fun, you can ask him anything and he'll answer, sometimes seriously and sometimes he just jokes and give you a funny answer.

We only had our Rob authograph, after the hug I said to him: Now I can tell my friends that I've hugged god. And he just smiled and said: Nice. Haha he's so sweet and later that evening we went to his concert, that was amazin and I just keep listening to his music.

Before we knew it the einding was near, we had just one panel to go: Misha and Jensen. It was so much fun, Jensen flashed us so that was really nice! And Misha and Jensen danced so that was a lot of fun.
I almost cried at the end ceremony, just because I knew I was going to miss this. I won't be going next year, but hopefully the year after I get my chance again. After everyone left the panel room we stood outside in the hall and just sang Carry on wayward son and it was the best moment ever!

So I loved Jib, I want to go again it was the best experience I've ever had!

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