maandag 22 juni 2015

Loving geeky things and being a mom.

 Isn't it amazing, being a mom? I truly believe it's the best thing that happened to me and I love my kids. But combining it with loving geeky things can give you some struggles from time to time. It's not that my kids mind their mom being geeky, but other people are really easy to judge.

Do I care so much about what other people are saying? Well not anymore but there was a time I did. A time where I believed that I just had to be a mom and keep away from the things I love outside being a mom. Because let's face it you can't be a good mom and also fangirl about let's say Supernatural and Jensen Ackles. You're a grown woman and you should act like one.

Well I found out for myself that they are wrong! I love being a geeky mom, my children learn all about dragons and wizzards and yes as my husband collects skulls they see them in the living room. They are okay with it, they don't know better and I love the fact that my kids grow up knowing about these things and accepting them.

My daughters although not having seen the movie The nightmare before christmas ( they are 1 and 3 ) they know who Sally and Jack are and the last time we visited Disney they both chose a little Sally pluche as their gift. Don't get me wrong if they'd chosen a princess I was just as happy. But the fact that they don't find Sally strange just makes me happy.

If I tell other moms I'm visiting a con dedicated to Supernatural, that I spent money on getting my picture taking with them and getting their autographs, they just look at me like: aren't you to old for this? And let me tell you: No! I'm not to old for this because you know what beside the fact that I love being a mom a also love being me, being the woman I was before I was a mom!

So are there any moms out there? Did or do you struggle with the same thing? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Absolutely! :-) I commented on another post of your the other day about this, too--I totally identify with feeling like the "odd mom out" for not putting my interests aside to be "just mom", but I realized a few years into marriage and motherhood that if I want my kids to feel free to be themselves and pursue their passions, I need to set that example! Now, my daughter (4 years old) loves the TARDIS and wants to be an astronaut so she can go to the moon, and she loves helping me make Star Wars cookies, and my son (2 years old) loves the Firefly ribbon tag blanket and stuffed dinosaur I made for him as a baby and the new Jurassic World dinosaurs I got him for his birthday. And of course I "geek out" with them over THEIR interests, too--mostly Toy Story! There's something childlike in being part of a fandom, in a very good way--in choosing not to lose that unbridled enthusiasm, and that ability to walk up to a fellow fan at a con (or in church, because they wore a Doctor Who shirt--yes, that happened!), like a kid on the playground, and make a new friend over nothing more than that shared passion, and I think being that way ourselves helps us relate to and encourage our kids where they are at, too. And while other adults/parents may make us feel judged for our choice to be geeky, I think we have the opportunity to send a powerful message to our kids about being who they are, no matter what others think--that it's okay to be different, and that they are loved no matter who they are. You're a better mom for being who you are, and you're far from alone--geeky moms unite! :-)

  2. Or people assume I'm only into superheroes because my son is. Nope! I'm glad he is, so we have that in common, but I can like it for myself too.