woensdag 10 juni 2015

Why this blog????

I was wondering the same thing tonight, there are so many blogs out there about geeky tings why should I start one?

I just wanted to share my adventures and what I encounter here in the Netherlands. Because being Geeky here is hard! We don't have a lot of shops to find our geeky stuff, we don't have a lot of tv series to watch on tv, I watch almost everything online and I just recently got into reading graphic novels. I haven't even read that much but I'm discovering them. My husband loves the Marvel movies but doens't read the comics. And this year we had our first Comic con in the Netherlands. It was one of the best weekends I ever had!

I'm not a young girl anymore, I'm a mom, I'm married, but it just took me some time to just embrace the fact that I love what I love.
As I told before I'm a huge Supernatural fan, years I've been silently watching the show and that was it. Since a year ( I'm serious ) I just decided to don't give a crap anymore and I bought my first Supernatural merchandise. ( Dean's Necklace for the people that want to know ). I went to my first Supernatural convention and joined a couple of groups on facebook.
So after enjoying all this in silence I decided to join in on the fun and start my own blog.

Maybe I'll find other Dutch geeks, maybe not the point is I just wanted to tell my story, tell the world that hey I'm a mom, I'm married but I still like the geeky stuff, I still like to fangirl about the latest episode of my favourite show, still like to dive into comic con for a whole weekend. And for the first time I don't feel embarrassed about it!

So that's why I started this blog and just decided it was my time to go out into the world and share my adventures.

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  1. Hi Annabel,

    Fellow Dutchie here. I don't find it that hard to be a geek in the Netherlands myself, although I guess the culture is not so trendy here as it might be in the US. That said, I don't identify strongly as a geek anyway. Like you I just love writing about stuff that interest me, which in my case happen to be video games. Blogging is a great way to embrace that part of yourself and not be ashamed of it anymore. There really is no reason to!

    I hope you'll find as many like-minded souls during your blogging adventures as I did.
    All the best to your blog,


  2. Hi, Annabel! I just wanted you to know that I identify with a good bit of what you've felt, too. It took me a few years, especially after becoming a wife and mother, to figure out that geeking out about the things I love is a huge--and important--part of who I still am. It was hard for a while to get openly excited about some of the shows/movies/books I love when no one around me was interested in those things. But we were blessed to have the opportunity to move to Atlanta (Georgia, USA) a couple years ago, which has a such a geeky subculture, and my husband told me the other day that he's glad I've come so far in embracing my geekiness--that even he didn't know just how geeky I was! I've even gotten to go to Dragon Con (here in Atlanta) twice now, and I LOVE being surrounded by so many other fans of things I love--it sounds like you had an awesome experience at your Supernatural con, too! I hope you continue to enjoy stepping out and making new connections in the awesome community of geekdom! :-)

    1. It's so great to read that I'm not the only wife/mother that struggled with this. A lot of people just think you have to grow up and act like a parent all the time.

    2. It's hard! Especially with young kids (mine are four and two now), when you so rarely even have any time to yourself, and other moms just accept/expect that your life will completely revolve around your kids at this stage of life. But I realized that I want my kids to understand that they are allowed to be themselves and to love the things that they are interested in (which is really what being a "geek" is all about), no matter what others think, and that the first step in teaching them that is to live it myself! So we do things like make Star Wars cookies in my house, and build TARDISes and Daleks out of Duplo toys, and I get excited with them about what THEY love right now, too (mostly Toy Story and Frozen, lol!). I've chosen to reject the idea that growing up means getting boring, and that's been a very freeing thing for me! :-)

    3. Yes growing up doesn't mean you have to be boring. And my mom always tells me that I can't look after someone else if I can't look out for myself. So that's what I'm doing, enjoying my things and enjoy my oldest daughter ( 3 years old ) obesession with Disney haha. She also loves Frozen, but at the moment she's a huge Mulan fan.