maandag 27 juli 2015

What I thought about Inside Out

So last week ( I know I'm behind on my blog updates ) I saw Inside Out. Let me first confess that I'm a huge Disney fan so if I get the chance I see every movie. We also own almost all the Disney movies on dvd, and me and my two girls love to watch the movies.

So when I saw the trailer for this movie I knew I really wanted to see it. I really liked the idea of looking into the mind of a family and just see what they think and feel. So last week I finally got the chance to see the movie.

And to be honest I was really surprised by this movie, I'm not a big Pixar fan. I like the movies but they aren't my favourites. But this one is definitly on my top 5 list for this moment. The storyline is simple but you just get why she feels certain things.

So there are 5 basic emotions in the control room: Sadness, Joy, Anger, Disgust and Fear. They all have there own way of thinking and working together they are the basic emotions of Riley.

Fear made me laugh a lot, he sees the danger in everything. If you ask him to make a list be prepared for a long list.

Anger was another funny one, they way he acts and make Riley act is just really funny.

Disgust is just a teenager, she makes a sarcastic remark about everything.

Joy, I have to say I needed to get used to Joy. I love her but she's so bubbly that I sometimes just wanted to make her stop and sit down for a moment. But she is really the light of the movie.

For me the most awesome character of the movie was Sadness, I just loved her! And let's face it she's kind of the hero of the movie. I love the fact that after everything they've been through Sadness and Happy realise that they need each other to make Riley happy.

There's a lot of humor in this movie, humor that most adults will recognize, but I do believe little children will enjoy this movie as well. They will love joy and the adventures she and Sadness experience.

So yes I really liked this movie and the end credits were so funny, with the busdriver and the cat... If you haven't seen the movie what are you waiting for? Go see it now!

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