maandag 13 juli 2015

Why I can't watch the series I like on television

I love watching series, there was a time when I could binge watch a whole season but being a mom now this just doesn't work anymore. So the time I have for myself I try to read, watch series, blog and do all the other stuff I want to do. 

Besides the fact that I have less time for myself there's another thing that keeps me away from watching my favourite series: The fact that the only shows they keep airing in the Netherlands are the police shows! NCIS, CSI, The mentalist, Castle they're all the same. 

Everytime they try to introduce a new show here like Once upon a time, Sleepy Hollow, Supernatural it just doesn't get picked up. So to watch the shows I like I have to turn to the internet. We have Netflix here but as it is with a lot of things in the Netherlands they are behind on a lot of shows.

Luckily for me there are two shows I can watch on my tv. The walking dead and Game of thrones we get the new episode just a day after America. So I keep away from twitter and facebook until I've watcheed the episode. But those are the only two shows I can watch on dutch television. 

I'm always wondering why the other shows just didn't last, because I was at Dutch Comic Con this year and there are a lot of people liking the shows I like. So why do we get stuck with all those police shows? 

I do believe a lot of it is about timing, when they aired Supernatural it was on a monday at 23.30 at night. No one is going to watch that on that time! But of course they just thought you know what we'll just stop airing the show because nobody is watching. I believe that there are a lot of dutch people out there that would love to see something else than the police shows. But they just need the right kind of marketing and of course the right time to air it.  

So I watch a lot of my favorite series online, because for me it's the only way to watch them. 

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  1. Well, I watch shows online as well. Reason: time, like you, but I have not kids. For me it's more practical. The other reason is that I might end up watching more than one chapter when I have time, so~ hmmm xDDDD